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How To Ask For A 5 Star Google Review

If you know how to effectively ask for a 5 star Google review you’ll be able to rank your Google Business Profile above those of your competitors. This is absolutely huge in generating new business from clients and customers who need your services.

About the Ask

Like any time we ask anyone for anything an in-person is always most effective. However, ultimately you’ll need to forward them the review link so they can actually submit the review. Thus it will be essential to send via e-mail or text to get them to actually submit the review.

The best way to conveniently do this is to have the Google My Business app on your phone (available for Apple iPhone & Android Phones) so you can easily click the “Get More Reviews” button (seen below) and fire off the request to anyone you have in your phone contact list via text or email.

You need this button at your fingertips. It is absolutely essential. Get the Google Business app right this moment.


The number & quality of your Google Reviews makes a major difference in how much NEW BUSINESS you will receive from people who find you online and call your establishment to hire you. 

When you know how to ask for a 5 Star Google Review, you’ve got a majorly important skill you need to grow your business.

How To Ask For A 5 Star Google Review


6 Steps to Structure your ask for a 5-star Google review aka my “secret script.”

Studies show that people are dramatically more likely to complete your request if you do these things.


  1. Use their name – Start with “Hello James” or “Good afternoon Jane”. Leading off with someone’s name reminds them of how familiar and close you are.
  2. Make the ask – “Would you please give me a 5-star Google review?”
  3. Give them a reason“Because I’m trying to get ahead of my local competition” It doesn’t have to be crazy, studies show that even if the reason doesn’t seem that important the person will be much more likely to make give you the review if you give them a reason.
  4. Include a number if you can “I’m trying to get to 10 (or 25) five-star google reviews to get ahead of my local competition” is even better.
  5. Tell them it won’t take much time so they do it right away. “it will only take 2-3 minutes of your time and it will help me a LOT!”
  6. Provide them with the link – Hit them with the link right away! You’ve set them up and they’re ready to give you a five-star Google Review, make sure you make it easy for them and hit them with the review link right now!

Example Script You can Copy, Adjust & Use to get 5 Star Google Reviews

 “Hello *Their Name*, would you be willing to give me a quick 5 star Google review? I’m trying to get to 25 five-star reviews today, so I can get ahead of my local competition. It will only take 2-3 minutes of your time. Here’s the link. “

We have found this is extremely effective, ask in person first (if possible) send a message via text or email, include their name, give them a reason you are asking (use my reason or create your own,) include a number & tell them it won’t take up much of their time and give them the link so they can actually do it.

If you follow this technique on How to ask for a 5 Star Google Review, I guarantee you will have a greater than 90% success rate when you ask your clients & friends for a five star google review.

Do you need help getting listed on Google? If you don’t have your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) set up & optimized it’s like you’re not even listed on the phone book.

Contact us right away and start getting the new business you deserve.

Need Help Getting Your Google Business Listing Found By Customers?

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