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Google Ads Update on Inappropriate Content Policy

Important Update: Google’s Policy Update on Inappropriate Content

We at Baystate Marketing have received an important communication from Google concerning an upcoming update to their Inappropriate Content Policy, specifically regarding the definition of "Sensitive Events". This is set to take effect in February 2024. We believe it's crucial to share this update with you to ensure your advertising strategies remain effective and compliant.

What is a “Sensitive Event”?

Google defines a "Sensitive Event" as an unforeseen occurrence or development that significantly impacts Google's ability to provide high-quality, relevant information. This includes managing risks associated with insensitive or exploitative content in prominent and monetized features.

During a Sensitive Event, Google may take various actions to mitigate these risks.

Examples of Sensitive Events include incidents with major social, cultural, or political implications, such as civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism, conflicts, or mass acts of violence.

Prohibited Practices

It's crucial for advertisers to note the specific practices that are prohibited under this policy:

  • Exploiting, dismissing, or condoning a Sensitive Event through products or services.
  • Price gouging or artificially inflating prices that restrict access to vital supplies.
  • Using keywords related to a sensitive event to drive additional traffic.
  • Claims that victims of a sensitive event were responsible for their own tragedy or similar instances of victim blaming.

This list is not exhaustive, but it highlights the key areas of concern that Google aims to address with this policy update.

The goal is to maintain a respectful and responsible advertising environment, especially during times of crisis.

We advise all our followers to review their advertising strategies in light of this update and ensure compliance with Google's revised policy. As always, we at Baystate Marketing are here to provide guidance and support in navigating these changes.

Stay informed and responsible,

The Baystate Marketing Team

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